flat warts also appear on the face

Flat warts also appear on the face

Most of the population will be affected by warts, moles or skin tags at some point in their lifetime. They can appear in virtually any part of the body, on the legs, hands, armpits and on the face.

When such conditions appear in highly visible areas such as on the face or hands, they can cause various psychological issues to the affected person such as lower self esteem, worries that people will notice them all the time and so on.

Warts are caused by a viral infection from the the human papilloma virus (HPV) . There are about 130 known types of human papilloma viruses.[4]. HPV infects the squamous epithelium, usually of the skin or genitals, but each HPV type is typically only able to infect only a few specific areas on the body. Many HPV types can produce a benign growth, often called a “wart” or “papilloma”, in the area they infect.

Skin moles are growths on the skin, often round or oval-shaped with a dark color. The color may however vary to different shades. Some skin moles are flat while others are a bit raised from the skin.

Normal mole

Healthy moles are often uniform in color with smooth borders

A skin mole is caused by the melanocyte cells in the skin. These cells produce melanin and are responsible for the color of the skin, eyes and hair. It is formed when melanocyte cells do not spread thought the skin but grow in clusters.

Usually melanocyte cells grow normally and so the growth is usually benign. However in certain cases the melanocye cells may start to grow in an abnormal way, which may result in melanoma, a cancer of the skin. Has your mole recently appeared or has an existing mole recently changed in appearance? Take the two minute cancer test before deciding if you want to use a natural mole treatment.

Mole removal risks mainly depend on the type of mole removal method the patient undergoes. First, mole removal may be followed by some discomfort that can be relieved with pain medication. Second, there is a risk that a scab will form or that redness will occur. However, such scabs and redness usually heal within one or two weeks. Third, as in other surgeries, there is also risk of infection or an anesthetic allergy or even nerve damage. Lastly, the mole removal may imply an uncomfortable scar depending on the mole size.

Skin tags are very common skin growths. They usually occur after midlife and are usually harmless and noncancerous. The tag sticks out of the skin and may have a short, narrow stalk connecting it to the surface of the skin.

Skin tags are usually painless and do not grow or change. However, they may be irritated from rubbing by clothing or other materials. Skin tags are more common in people who are overweight or who have diabetes. They are thought to occur from skin rubbing against skin, so they commonly form in skin folds.

While some moles, warts and skin tags can be cancerous, most of them are removed only because of their visual annoyance and not for health reasons.  But still, many people opt to go for expensive and dangerous surgical procedures to have them removed.

Unfortunately as many have discovered, even after a successful surgical removal procedure has been carried out, these skin conditions can still reappear in the same exact place.

More and more of those affected are choosing safe and natural applications. Like this 20-minute one-time application that removes all warts (including genital), moles and skin tags.

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